Getting my play produced #1: my plan

Follow my process as I work to get a production of one of my plays!

I’ve been interviewing artistic directors and literary managers around the United States, asking them what they like about new plays, what they want from plays, and the best way for playwrights to approach them.

Now I’m going to put what I’ve learned to the test.

I have a play called “Lessons from Moonshine” (formerly “In the Spirits of Our God”). It’s about a small convent of nuns in the Pacific Northwest during Prohibition, who decide to keep their convent from closing by running a still. A friend of mine pointed out that Catholics would like this play. So I’ve been looking for theaters in cities with high Catholic populations, and figuring out which ones of them would like my play.

So far, literary managers at two theaters have asked to see the full script. One gave the script to the artistic director, who passed on it. But I’ve gotten to know their former literary manager, now an artistic associate. A good contact to make. The other theater that asked for the full script hasn’t gotten back to me.

Here is the basic info about the play.

“Lessons from Moonshine”
In rural Washington State during Prohibition, a small group of nuns try to keep their convent in business by running a still. Will keeping men from being poisoned and dying from bootleg liquor justify breaking the law?
80 minutes
unit set

So — I’m going to blog about my process, and let you know how I’m doing.

First step: decide on a part of the country to look for theaters in.

If you want to try this process yourself, please do! Let me know how it works.


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3 Responses to Getting my play produced #1: my plan

  1. Zac Eckstein says:

    Oooh, I like the new title. Good luck with all of this! I’ll be following along!

  2. Charlotte says:

    Good luck and you go girl!!!

  3. @Zac Good, I’m glad you like it. No one could remember the original name correctly. That told me something. ūüôā

    @Char Thank you!

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