Getting my play produced #2: theaters who will love it

What theaters will love this play?

I got tired of sending out my scripts and getting them rejected. Or worse still, never hearing from the theater at all.

So I decided to find theaters that I think will love “Lessons from Moonshine.” I’ll spend less money printing out scripts, and I’ll save myself some heart ache.

If I can figure out what kind of people would come see my play, and I can find out where those people are, I can find theaters in those areas. Figuring out what kind of people would come see your play can be hard. As a playwright, you’re too close to your play. I know I am.

So last time I had theater friends of mine over to read and discuss the play of mine, I just asked them. Who did they think would like the play of mine that we were discussing? That’s a different play, so I’ll use that info when I’m looking for theaters for it.

For “Lessons from Moonshine,” I know that Catholics would like it. I also know, from the public readings I’ve had, that it makes people think about social issues.

Where are the people who will love it?

The Web is a wonderful thing. It makes this kind of research so much easier than it would have been.

I googled “Catholic cities in the US,” and I found a Web site with some useful population data. I’ve already submitted to theaters in Providence, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Dayton, and Chicago. And I’ve already found other theaters in those cities I can submit to.

Texas appears to have a high population of Catholics. So I’ll try Texas.

The county with the highest percentage of Catholics in Texas is Cameron County. Some more googling tells me where it is and where the largest city is.

So I googled “theater Brownsville Texas.” The results reminded me of a that searching on “theater” returns a lot of movie theaters. So, “theater Brownsville Texas -movie.”

I found one theater, the Camille Playhouse. They don’t say they accept submissions (but they don’t say they don’t). I found a couple other theater groups, but they don’t seem to have produced anything recently. I hope they haven’t been victims of the bad economy.

Let’s try a larger city. How about Dallas? Googling finds me a Web site just about theater in Dallas! Going to Facebook returns a few theater pages, but they don’t have much posted on them.

A guideline…

I’m going to skip some of the steps I went through here. Because I looked through the Web sites for four theaters, and I found information about what they produce and what their mission is. But I spent 45 minutes on this, and only one theater says they accept play submissions.

I’ll probably get better response from theaters if I submit only to those that say they take submissions. Even if a theater looks like a good fit for my play, even if they might do it, even if they might love it, it’s not a good bet if they don’t say explicitly that they take submissions.

Sounds reasonable, right?  🙂

Theatre 3, Dallas, Texas

This theater says they take submissions. What’s more, they say what kinds of plays they’re looking for.

I read through their description of what they’re looking for, and I see that my play pretty much fits. They even mention plays with social questions and political points of view.

So far, so good.

Next, I’m going to look at their production history, and get more information about what kinds of plays they will love.

A Disclaimer

Whatever I end up finding out about Theatre 3, and whether I submit “Lessons from Moonshine” to them, what I’ll post here is my understanding of the theater and what they do. I’m not intending to represent Theatre 3 in any way.

Plans for Next Time

  • Look through their production history
  • Read reviews, see what reviewers say about them, especially their mission

Talk to you later!


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One Response to Getting my play produced #2: theaters who will love it

  1. Shawn Rourke says:

    pretty awesome! I got to start doing the same.

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