Look for unexpected audiences for your plays

Playwright Paul Mullin found an unexpected audience for his play “The Sequence,” which is about the competition to sequence the human genome. He started hearing from biotech organizations interested in hosting readings of the play at symposiums and meetings around the country.

This was before he even had a final draft!

What’s more, he found that these organizations would pay well for it. Significantly more than theaters would. Which makes sense, because biotech organizations have a lot more money than theaters, even during a recession.

You can read his blog post about this at When Plays Pay in Odd Ways.

So, what other organizations, besides theaters, might like a play about nuns who make moonshine? I’m going to start thinking about this.

How about your plays? Who else might like them? And who would be able to pay well?


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4 Responses to Look for unexpected audiences for your plays

  1. Mari G says:

    Great post. And great reminder. We can expand our audience for theatre beyond what we expect. For example a fellow actor and I were hired once to do Lanford Wilson’s “Betrothal” which is about two mis-matched flower breeders for a Spring and Garden show. It never hurts to find new ways to take theatre to where people are already engaging in what they love. It may help expose them to a new love for theatre.

    So- a play about Nun’s and Moonshine? Hmm let’s see…. It seems like “home brewing associations” are big right now and there are political groups to get ordinances passed to make it legal in some areas, and supply shops, trade shows in other areas. So that might be a good start. Also what about the Jesuits? They have many top notch colleges and Universities around the country and are quite interested in questions of faith, politics, and how Catholicism encounters interesting moral and theological dilemmas while trying to serve their communities. Seems like Regis University, or Iliff school of Theology or other such places might be interested in making it available as a student event?

    Just thoughts…..

    What do other people think?

  2. Mari — thank you for that story. That’s fascinating and gets me thinking.

    And good suggestions. Why, Seattle University is not a mile from here, and they are — guess what — a Catholic university!

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