Getting my play produced, #15: the finished follow-up letter

Trying not to annoy the theater

How can I make sure they got my script, which they asked for, without making them annoyed with me?

  1. I waited nine months to contact them
  2. I wrote a simple letter that – I hope – clearly explained why I was writing
  3. I acknowledged that they are really busy
  4. I made it easy for them to respond

The final letter

Re: full script of “Lessons from Moonshine” (formerly “In the Spirits of Our God”)


Last September, you sent me a request for the full script of my play “Lessons from Moonshine” (formerly “In the Spirits of Our God”). I know literary departments are usually swamped, but since I didn’t get back the SASP I included, I’m writing to make sure you got it.

If you didn’t get the full script, and you would still like to see it, please let me know and I will send it again. Hoping to make your lives a little easier, I’m including an SASP with boxes you can check depending on your response. Or you can reach me at (email),  (phone), or at the address above.

Thank you.

The postcard I included

I included a postcard with four checkboxes:

[] We received the full script
[] Please send the full script
[] We are no longer interested
[] We have what we need at this point

I even checked the postage rate for postcards, just to be sure. Good thing, because it has gone up!

Could I have done this  better?

If you have any suggestions for how I could have done this better, could you post them here?  Thanks!



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