Getting my play produced, #18: figuring out a distillery tour

Finding distilleries who would like a reading

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: the Internet is a wonderful thing.

After a bunch of googling, I’ve found 12 distilleries within a 45 minute drive of downtown Seattle. Some of them are in operation, some of them are starting up. But that seems like a good pool to start from.

Why would distilleries want to do this?

I have to figure this out so I can get them to do it.

They can bring people into their distillery for a fun evening of theater and liquor tasting. They can introduce people to their products, and win customers and loyal followers.

My goals for this project

  • Get my play out there – let my brilliance shine!
  • See my play in front of many different audiences, learn about it by seeing how people respond
  • Get noticed by distillers’s conferences
  • Earn some royalties
  • Pay everyone involved

What the project needs

  • Three or four distilleries to hold readings on Friday and Saturday, for three (or four) consecutive weekends
  • Five actors
  • A director
  • Someone to read stage directions (the director?)
  • Rehearsal space
  • Simple costumes
  • A few simple props (?)
  • A budget

 Next steps

  • Put together a budget
  • Contact some directors

Am I forgetting anything?

… post a comment here and let me know.


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