Getting my play produced, #19: budget for a distillery tour

A budget for the Distillery Tour

Doing budgets is not my most favorite thing in the world. Is it anyone’s? 🙂


I want to pay everyone involved, including me, because I think it’s fair to pay everyone. So before I commit to this, I want to make sure I can pay everyone.

Suppose I pay the actors $25 each. And I pay the director $100. Then assume rehearsal space is $450. Costumes, $50, and props, $50 – I assume actors can supply their own simple costumes, and we won’t need many props.

Oh, and, someone to read stage directions. $25 for that person.

Total for expenses so far: $800.

Royalties – that’s a tricky business. Samuel French and Dramatists Playservice have a standard royalty rate of $75 per performance. At that rate, I’d lose money.

A playwright friend of mine once suggested the guideline of twice the price of a ticket, per night. That seems more reasonable.


Suppose I split the box office with the distillery, 75%/25%. Charge $10-$20 per ticket. Assume that 10-20 people will come each night.

The distillery keeps 25% of the box, and all liquor sales.

Breaking even

I set up a spreadsheet and looked at numbers. Here’s what I figured out. In order to break even, I will have to do:

8 shows, with at least 10 people at each, paying at least $10 each
or: 6 shows, with at least 15 people each, paying at least $15 each
or: 4 shows, with at least 20 people at each, paying at least $20 each

Could 20 people fit in an average distillery? With room for the actors?

What to do next?

I should probably figure out how many people a distillery could hold.

And ask some directors how much they would charge for a project like this.

Other than that, I’m not sure.


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