Getting my play produced, #22: budget for a distillery tour, v2

A budget for the Distillery Tour — version 2

I talked to my friend and colleague Mari Geasair, an actor and director who is part of, about my budget. She gave me some good suggestions.

First, do 60/40 split, with a minimum. Say, $500 minimum. The distillery sets the ticket prices, so they can charge whatever they know their customers will pay.

Second, pay the actors a set amount for just being on the project, plus an additional amount per show. For example, $50 plus $15 per show. If the director comes to all of the shows, do the same for the director.

I did the math, and if I got six shows, I could pay everybody (including paying myself royalties), as well as pay all expenses (rehearsal space, costumes, printing the scripts, etc.).

When I contact the distilleries, I can tell them that I want to do shows at just one distillery in their area. That will give them reason to make a decision sooner.

Next steps:

Figure out the questions distilleries are likely to ask, so I have answers ready


Do you have any questions about how you could do this for a play of yours?





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