Getting my play produced, #23: being ready for distilleries’ questions

Questions I should be ready for

I want to be ready to answer questions distilleries might have, so I spent some time thinking about what they might be and how I would answer them.

What kind of space will you need?

Space for six people to stand, with music stands in front of them, and chairs right behind them so they can sit down when they’re not reading.

How many people will you be bringing?

Seven or eight people.  Five actors, one person to narrate the play, the playwright, and possibly the director.

Who makes the space ready?

You do.  You can set up your space however you like.  Only thing we ask is that the actors not be facing a big empty space, otherwise their voices will be hard to hear.

What, exactly, will you be doing?

We’ll be presenting a simple production of a play.  The actors will read their lines from the script, and we’ll have a narrator describing the action of the play.

How much are you asking?

There are two options. Either we split the box office 60%/40%, with a $500 minimum. Or, you pay a flat fee of $1000 and keep whatever you make.

When do we have to pay you?

Good question.  I should probably ask for a deposit to hold their space in the tour.  How much?

What happens if we have to cancel?

… I will have to have some kind of cancellation fee.

How do we know you’ll do what you say you’ll do?

I have been a producer and playwright in Seattle for five years.

What do we get out of it?

You get people in your distillery to have a good time listening to a funny and thoughtful play, people who might not come for a tasting alone.  You can introduce people to your products and attract new customers.

What other questions would they have?

Can you think of other questions I should be prepared for?



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