I didn’t get the Seattle Rep playwrights fellowship

Last month, I posted my artist’s statement for my application to Seattle Rep’s playwriting fellowship.

Well, last week I got a letter thanking me for my application, but saying they were not choosing me. I didn’t even get an interview.

I’m disappointed, because it was a great opportunity. I know that the people who do get the fellowship will benefit a lot from it. But I did learn a lot from writing my artist’s statement.

My thank-you letter to them

I’m writing them a thank you letter. Here’s what I’ve got so far.

Dear —

I got your letter saying that you are not considering me for your playwrights fellowship. I was sorry to hear that, but thank you for considering my application.

And thank you also for making this opportunity for playwrights. We need programs like yours.

Congratulations to whomever you do choose, and I’ll be looking for the announcements of their readings.

Does that sound professional and gracious?


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