Have a fun evening out in Seattle, Sunday, Nov. 13, 7:00

Make your own opportunities

Want to make your plays better? Produce your own reading. Get perspective from actors that helps you tell your story better, observe the audience, get good feedback.

I think that’s useful advice. So I’m taking it. ūüôā

Join us and be a part of creating this play, even if you don’t think you can write!

Have a fun evening out with your friends, sip a warm beverage or have a cookie (or both!), and listen to a reading of the play “Transplanted in Mississippi,” by Louise Penberthy. Then stay for the discussion afterwards and help write this play.

About “Transplanted in Mississippi”

Cathy tries hard to fit in in the small Mississippi town where Paula, her partner, grew up, but the plants are too green and menacing — especially a mystical old oak tree in their backyard. Focusing all of her loneliness and misery on the oak tree, she gladly cuts it down when it suddenly dies. But when the entire town starts to die, Cathy must sacrifice herself to atone for her mistakes, revive the town, and bring Paula back to her.

This reading is directed by Michael Blum, and the cast is Ashley Bagwell, Mary Bayley, Karen Gruber, Sam Hagen, Kirsten McCory, and Heather Ward.

Date & Time

Sunday, November 13, at 7:00 p.m.

The play is about two hours, with an intermission. After the reading, we’ll have a break, then the discussion. ¬†If you can’t stay for the discussion, there will be feedback forms you can fill out and leave there.

Come a little early and get coffee or something to nibble on, to enjoy while you listen.


Roy Street Coffee & Tea
700 Broadway Ave E., on Capitol Hill in Seattle
Map: www.roystreetcoffee.com/location/


Pay what you will


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