My reading went well — I am a lucky person

The reading of “Transplanted in Mississippi” was last night. It went really well!

The actors did a great job, the director did a great job, and the audience gave good and generous feedback.

The changes I made to the first act solved the problems! It didn’t drag. It wasn’t boring.

Here’s what I did:

  1. showed one of the main character’s changes in a scene, rather than having it happen offstage (that’s an obvious fix)
  2. cut some dialogue that I loved but that didn’t further the plot (murder your darlings, as the saying goes)
  3. upped one character’s stakes in a key scene (the actors suggested that — thank you!)
  4. upped the main character’s stakes in another scene (another suggestion from the actors)

During the reading, I noticed that the second act dragged in the middle. I was watching the audience, and they were shifting in their seats and changing position and otherwise looking restless.

And — the audience and the actors and the director, gave me feedback that helps me figure out how to fix those problems, too.

Actors are wonderful. 🙂

So are directors. 🙂

So are audiences. 🙂


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