Getting my play produced, #34: helping the distilleries get people to come

There Are so Many Ways to Get in Touch with People These Days

… and we have to use the most effective ones, and not make our lives more difficult than they are. Here are some things I can do to make it easier for distilleries to get people to come to the event.


I need to write an e-mail that the distilleries can easily use. With all of the practical stuff like dates, time, location, etc. And also with why it will be a fun, exciting evening, and how people will have a good time and sample some excellent beverages.


Yes, a good old-fashioned piece of paper! Something they can post in their distillery, and in businesses and on bulletin boards (the real cork board type 🙂 ) in the neighborhood.

Facebook Posts

I’ll need to create a series of these, so the distilleries can build up interest over time. Maybe, two a week for four weeks. To intrigue their Facebook followers.


Twitter can be daunting. How to make it easy for distilleries? Write some tweets for them!  Maybe three a week for five weeks.

Use one hash tag in all of them, so Twitter users can easily find them all. Include the benefit statement, interesting facts about distilling, friendly info about the play. People on Twitter like immediate news, conversation, and controversy.

Help the distilleries get more followers by suggesting that they re-tweet a lot. Find what is cool and re-tweet like crazy. Engage in direct conversation by asking questions and posting personal responses.

And follow lots of people. People and organizations who are directly related to distilling, and also people and organizations who are less directly related.


Get them a list of local newspapers. They may already have this, but I can show that I “get” them and their world.


Give them a list of bloggers who write about distilling, theater, events, the neighborhood the distillery is in. More and more, bloggers are becoming influential as sources of information.

 Lots of Work!

But it will also give me good experience in getting the word out about my plays. And something to do while I wait until after the holidays, when distilleries aren’t so busy.

Anything Else I Should Do?

Can you think of anything else I should do to help distilleries get lots of people look the event, so that it’s fun and profitable for them?



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