Getting my play produced, #36: marketing materials, part 2

Marketing Materials for the Distillery Tour, Part 2

I haven’t been able to talk to the distilleries yet about info I need to know before I can really put together a good marketing plan. I need to know about their customers, what their customers’ hobbies are, what their customers like about their products, who else they want to target as customers.

But here are some more parts of the marketing:

Press Release

I’ll need to write a press release. First, though, I need to check on what the current standards are for press releases. Things change so fast these days! Why, when I was your age… ­čÖé


Bloggers getting to be important influencers of people’s choices about how they spend their leisure time and their discretionary income. ┬áNowadays, you have to get bloggers to write about what you’re doing.

  • The food blogger at the Seattle Weekly (an alternative newspaper)
  • The Washington Distillers Guild
  • Bloggers who blog about other businesses and organizations that their current customers patronize
  • Reviewers and theaters


Newspapers, big and small; daily and alternative:

  • The Snohomish County Tribune
  • The Snohomish Times
  • The Everett Herald
  • The Journal Newspaper Group
  • The Lake Stevens Journal
  • The Monroe Monitor
  • The Seattle Times
  • The Seattle PI
  • The Seattle Weekly
  • The Stranger
  • The Capitol Hill Times


I’ll need to write posts about the same things that the tweets will be about. Combine tweets and make bigger chunks of information.

I’ve e-mailed the distilleries…

… that I need more information from them. I’ll let you know what they say.


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