Getting my play produced, #37: giving distilleries a deadline

Letting People Know about Deadlines

I posted last week that I had e-mailed all of the distilleries asking about their customers, to help me put the publicity campaign together. One of the distilleries replied with some info. The other two I’ve been e-mailing with, haven’t responded.

So now’s the time to let them know, nicely, that I have a deadline.

The E-mail I Sent

Here’s the e-mail, which I sent last Friday.

Since I haven’t heard from you further about participating in my customer-building event (the tour of my play), I assume it’s not turning out to be a good time or you’re not interested for some other reason.

However, in case I’m wrong, I wanted to let you know that I need to hear from distilleries definitely by January 20.

Let me know if you have any more questions.  If I don’t hear from you, I’ll assume you’re not interested.  Thank you for talking with me about it.

I hope that despite any challenges that 1183* may cause you, that your distillery thrives and you have a terrific 2012.

Why I Wrote it the Way I Did

Here’s what I did when writing this e-mail:

  • assume there’s a totally benign reason for their not replying
  • give the deadline
  • make it easy for them to say no, while at the same time making my life easier
  • acknowledge factors in their industry that are undoubtedly on their minds, and end on a positive note

*1183 is Washington State Initiative 1183, to privatize liquor sales in the state. It passed in our November 2011 election, closing state liquor stores and making distribution — and therefore sales — for small distilleries more difficult.



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