Getting my play produced, #41: one possible theater is… out of business?

Playing Detective

I had a theater in mind to send “Lessons from Moonshine” to: 11:11 Theatre. They sounded perfect for my play: they’re in Boston, a heavily Catholic city, and… well, there were some other reasons, but when I tried to go to their Web site to remind myself what those were, their site appears not to exist anymore!

Theaters do go out of business, so now I’m trying to figure out what’s going on with them. Googling “1111 theatre” returns a link to their Twitter feed. No tweets since last April.

They don’t seem to have a Facebook page. Their My Space page hasn’t been logged into since February of 2010. Their updates via Twitter stopped… last April.

I tried googling “11:11 theatre,” and found a Web site for a theater facility where they’re supposedly a resident theater company. But their last show was… April, 2011.

I went to my UNIX shell, and did whois on “” The domain name is owned by a guy who, according to one site I found, was part of the theater. But the contact address isn’t in Boston, in fact, it isn’t even in Massachusetts. The registration was last updated last August.

Well. It’s a fair bet that 11:11 Theatre doesn’t exist anymore.

I love playing detective, but I’m disappointed when a good prospect has disappeared.

What about Milwaukee?

Another city with a high population of Catholics. I’ll start searching.


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2 Responses to Getting my play produced, #41: one possible theater is… out of business?

  1. Vincent Blackshadow says:

    What is the advantage of shelling to do whois versus using the browser?

  2. Playwright's Muse says:

    Hi, Vincent —

    Good question, thanks for asking. I got more information from the shell than from Although I tried again just now, and I got a full record. So I don’t know what was going on before.

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