Getting my play produced #42: submissions and possibilities

Stage Left Theatre

I identified Stage Left Theatre as a good theater for “Lessons from Moonshine” a long time ago. I finally got around to submitting to them.

In my e-mail, I asked them politely, how long might it be before I heard from them? They e-mailed me right back saying they hope to let me know within two or three months. Yay! I love theaters who reply quickly.

How about Milwaukee?

Milwaukee has a large population of Catholics, doesn’t it?

So I did some googling. Then I accidentally deleted my notes. 😦

Anyhow, I’ve talked before about search strategies. A few new things I thought of: find theater reviews, look for the names of the theaters they mention. Also, a “best of” article mentioned a couple theaters and a couple actors. So I googled those actors.

I found websites for 20 theaters. Two of them say they accept queries. Another one says out right that they do workshopping.

So — time to put together two more queries!



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