The Seattle Rep playwrights fellowship, year 2

I applied to Seattle Rep’s writers group again this year. I just sent in my application today. It seems like just yesterday that my husband said of my artist’s statement last year, “I can tell you put a lot of yourself in it.”

Seattle Rep’s Questions

They ask specific questions:

Your one-page essay should be your succinct statement of why you are interested in participating in the Seattle Rep Writers Group. It may touch on any or all of the following questions:

  1. What do you want to get out of this group? How does this fit within your larger personal goals as an artist?
  2. Have you participated in a writers group before? If so, what was it like? What was the most valuable thing you took away from the group?
  3. What will you contribute to this group? Are there any specific projects you have in mind? What are some of the other resources and/or attributes that you would bring to the table?
  4. What, if anything, about a group like this makes you anxious? What expectations must the group and SRT fulfill in order to make your time with us worthwhile?
  5. Are you able to commit to meeting with your fellow writers for two hours every other week? 

My Artist’s Statement for 2012

I’m interested in participating in the Seattle Rep Writers Group because in order to continue to grow as a playwright, I need to be part of a group of committed playwrights who are dedicated to furthering their art and craft, a group that requires great commitment from its members. I need a community of playwrights who can inspire me; who can, by their example, help me be more committed to my craft; and whom I can inspire and help in their development of their craft. I need to work with directors and actors who work consistently at the best theaters in this area, to be part of an organization that values and supports playwrights as Seattle Rep does.

I’ve found a passion to tell higher-risk stories than I have before. My personal goal as an artist is to tell stories that help make Seattle, and this country as a whole, a happier and more peaceful place. I’m passionate about telling stories that help white people be more comfortable, more easeful, and more enriched in their interactions with people of color. I’m not a revolutionary, like the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King or Mrs. Daisy Bates. But I can make this country more peaceful place by helping white people and people of color have better everyday interactions; over time, thousands and even millions of peaceful everyday interactions will help make this country happier and stronger.

One attribute I would bring to this group is my intense passion about figuring out what makes people tick. I apply this passion to creating characters; writing their interactions; understanding the feedback I get from directors, actors, and audiences; other work I’ve done in my life, such as mediating, information design and architecture, and interface design for Web sites; and feedback sessions. Unlike a lot of playwrights I know, I love feedback sessions. I’ve developed a way to run them painlessly, allowing the audience to say what’s on their minds while still getting useful and inspiring feedback.

I love being part of a playwrights’ group. I started the one I’m in now when the one I had been in didn’t give me what I needed anymore.

I’ve always wanted to start a group like 13P, but to produce readings. There are so many more plays than there are groups who produce readings, we have to make our own opportunities. I produce readings of my own plays, but doing it in a group would be more fun and get bigger audiences.

In the past few years, I’ve made a lot of opportunities for myself. I’m interested in participating in the Seattle Rep Writers Group because I need the opportunities, both to receive and to give, that the group would give me.

The Play I Submitted

I sent them the current draft of “The New Frontier Media Company.”

They’ll Let Us Know…

… in mid August.



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2 Responses to The Seattle Rep playwrights fellowship, year 2

  1. Paul Allen says:

    Has Mid August passed ?

  2. Playwright's Muse says:

    It has! I had forgotten. Thank you for asking. I haven’t heard anything.

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