Get inspired to write, find soul-satisfying stories to tell

What inspires you as a playwright? Here are some ideas to help you find your inspiration.

Write about what you’re passionate about

You know those times when you’re talking to people, and you get carried along like you’re on a fast-moving river? By how much you care about what you’re talking about?

Write about that. Write about what you’re passionate about. The more you write about what you’re passionate about, the easier time you’ll have writing.

Your passion can carry you through the dry spells. And through those times when you know you have to edit your play down by 10%, and you’d really rather be doing something else. Anything else.

Write the stories you know need to be told

You know in your heart and in your gut that that there are stories that need to be told. Stories that are important, stories that deserve to see the light of day, stories that people need to hear.

Write those stories. Knowing that they need to be told, you’ll be inspired to write them. Knowing that the world needs to hear those stories, will keep you going when you doubt yourself and wonder why the hell you’re doing this.

Write the stories only you can tell

Those experiences you’ve had that no one else has had? The truths you know that other people don’t? The insight you have that no one else has?

Take those experiences, truths, and insights, and write about them. You know the stories, you can write them with confidence. You’ll always know that what you’re doing matters.


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