Plots — More weird sh*t

More “To Do” Lists

In my last post, Plots — All the weird sh*t that can happen, I talked about my characters’ “to do” lists.

I realized I forgot a few things.

Elena – The Curious Grad Student’s “To Do” List

  • Find Dr. Robert Andover, who was Tim’s physician at Duke Raleigh when Tim was a kid. Make him tell what he knows about that study.

Tim – The (Maybe Lethal)  Runner’s “To Do” List

  • Find a way to stop killing my running buddies!
  • Find a cure for whatever I have.
  • After Bill and Christian’s bodies are exhumed, and their autopsies are finished, get copies of the autopsy reports.

Antwon – The Ambitious Psychology Professor’s “To Do” List

  • Get tenure.
  • Get Elena to do a kick ass project that will make me a shoo-in for tenure.

Another Scene – “Testing Tim”

Elena and Graciela in an unused room at the Cobb County coroner’s office. They are setting up equipment to test Tim to see if he does, in fact, exhale pneumonic meningitis bacteria. Graciela has facemasks, a microscope and some slides, a biohazard container, syringes, vials of epinephrine and various endorphins. Elena has some weird gadget.

Graciela is quizzing Elena: has Elena thought about what she’s going to do if there really was some secret government study? Go to the police? Testify in Congress? Get her PhD?

Elena is telling Graciela that it’s possible that Tim really has killed his running buddies, and suggesting how it could’ve worked.

When Tim doesn’t arrive, Graciela realizes that Elena has sent Tim out on a 20-mile run. Graciela says that all she had to do was inject him with epinephrine and some endorphins, he didn’t have to go on a long run!  Oops.

Tim arrives, breathing hard. He can’t get to the point where he exhales whatever it was that killed his buddies. Graciela claps a face mask on him. He has trouble breathing. Finally he coughs and exhales heavily. Graciela puts the facemask in the biohazard box. As Tim catches his breath, Graciela starts running tests on the stuff Tim exhaled into the facemask.

Abruptly, Graciela leaves. She says the tests were negative. Elena and Tim don’t believe her. Elena starts to cough, talking randomly and even more bizarrely than she usually does. She’s clearly ill. Tim calls 911, but is put on hold (a real problem in Atlanta in the past).

Graciela, having had an attack of conscience, returns. She treats Elena for whatever it is she’s got.

Graciela starts telling Elena and Tim what she knows.

Alternate Ending

Or, Graciela doesn’t return. Elena tells Tim how to treat her using some weird gadget on her phone.

Yet Another Ending

Tim can’t do anything. He tries CPR, but Elena doesn’t revive.

Is she dead? Will she recover? Has she done something to herself to make Graciela and Tim believe she’s dead?

Heh Heh Heh

What’s the most fun?  I think it’s that Elena is faking her own death.


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