How do you easily pick up where you left off with a play?

Coming Back after an Injury

I developed a pinched nerve

A couple of weeks ago, I developed horrible pain in my left leg from a pinched nerve in my back. L5-S1, if you’re interested.

I do not recommend it.

For two weeks, here’s what I did: tried to get comfortable, tried to get through pain, tried to get some sleep. I saw the Seattle skyline out our living room windows at many times of the day and night.

My husband has been a rock.

Given how much pain I was in, my life became about just a few essentials. I focused on taking care of myself. And I focused on my husband’s love and devotion and support.

I’m grateful that I don’t have to worry about medical bills; that I have good health insurance and access to excellent care.

After two weeks, I try to start writing again

For those first two weeks, my pain was so bad and my focus on taking care of myself was so complete, I felt as though I’d had a sort of vacation. A vacation in hell, you understand. But when I came back to what I call my Conspiracy Play, I felt as distant from it as if I hadn’t seen it for a year.

I’d lost the voices of the characters. I didn’t remember what I had planned for the plot. I couldn’t figure out what could happen next.

If only I’d had some sort of plan

Here’s what I wish I’d provided for myself.

  • For each character, a best example of his or her voice.
  • For each important pair of characters, a best example of how they interact.
  • Notes about what I was planning to work on the next day, the next week.
  • Notes about what inspired me to write this play in the first place.

Of course, this wouldn’t have to be a straitjacket, just a set of guidelines. I could always change my mind. But I wouldn’t feel so lost if I had to take a break.

How do you help yourself when you have this problem?

How do you deal with picking up where you left off with a play? Do you have any suggestions?

Please post them here!

P.S. I had to drop out of “Spinning into Butter”

My last blog post was character analysis for playing Kenney in “Spinning into Butter” with quiet Productions. I had to leave the show. I hated to, but I couldn’t even walk, and I knew they needed as much time as possible to find a replacement.



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2 Responses to How do you easily pick up where you left off with a play?

  1. Great post! And glad to hear you are feeling better. I was working on a play several months ago and then let it grow stagnant. When I look at it now, I try and write and I just sigh and move away. Which is sad because I really like the idea I had, it’s now time to try and recapture that fire in a bottle.

  2. Thank you, I’m glad you liked my post. Yes, it is sad when you can’t seem to write on a play that you like. This play of mine, I started during a class in the fall. Sometimes I’ve wondered if I’ll ever recapture the magic, or whether it just came out of the class.

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