When you don’t feel inspired, here are some editing tips

We all have those times when we feel uninspired.  Brain-dead.  Really tired and would rather just go (back) to bed.

But we have so many demands on our time, we have to write when we can.


So here are some ways you can edit what you’ve already been inspired to write.

Editing Guidelines from Steven Dietz

Steven Dietz (http://www.utexas.edu/finearts/tad/people/dietz-steven) came to Seattle in May, 2008, to lead a workshop.  He gave us these tips for editing, and I use them still:

Here are things you can cut:

  1. Answered questions.
  2. Transitional phrases.
  3. Repetitions of the same point or thought.
  4. Stated emotions.

What are Your Favorite Editing Strategies, or for Working when You’re Not Inspired?

What helps you?  Post here or send an e-mail to playwrightsmuse@gmail.com.


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