Dream Logic — the essay by Kato McNickle

Kato McNickle, one of the presenters at the “Dream Logic” talk at the Dramatists Guild conference in August, wrote an essay based on her research on dream logic.

“I woke myself up laughing. Laughing out loud at a play that I was watching.

“It was a dream, of course. In the dream I was watching a short play in a ten-minute festival written by a playwright friend of mine (he had asked me to perform it for him). During the dream I was both the actor and an audience member—simultaneously. While in the dream, it did not seem out of place to be both the performer and the observer of the event, and it proved to be great fun. It was the audience member part of me that started laughing, and my laughter—really laughing—caused me to awaken, still laughing. The dream was so vivid, and so recent, that I got out of bed and to my computer a few feet away. I typed the play, called Humalong (yes, the title was part of the dream too) about which I had dreamed. My playwright friend Mike still claims I owe him residuals, because in a weird way, he wrote the play, right?”

It’s at her blog here:


Take a read. It’s fascinating.

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