Reading one character’s lines — it works!!!

Do you remember that I posted, a while back, some great tips for working on dialogue that I learned at the Dramatists Guild conference in August?

Here’s the link, if you want to refresh your memory: Problems with dialogue in your plays, and how to fix them, part 1. I’ve been using one of the techniques on a play of mine, “How to Kill a Cactus,” that had a reading on the 21st of October.

I’m reading through the play, and reading only one character’s lines. So far, I’ve done this for all but the main character.

I have learned a lot.

I found some places where characters aren’t speaking consistently, and I’ve made corrections.

I can see where some of the characters aren’t pursuing their wants strongly enough. I have some ideas for rewriting the scenes to make their wants stronger, and to have them use different tactics.

It’s like a fucking miracle. I knew there were problems in the second act, and I thought I knew what they were and how to fix them.

But now I really know.


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