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The science behind good plays

Researchers have done a lot of work in the past few years on what makes a compelling story. You can use the results of their research to help you make your plays express your passion for what you’re writing. What … Continue reading

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Too much material? Some inspiration for you

Have you ever had too much story? You know, where you have so many ideas and so many great scenes, you have to cut your script because nobody does four-hour plays anymore? Or, maybe you actually have two plays, or … Continue reading

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Things Playwrights Do That I Love

Originally posted on Bitter Gertrude:
Sometimes I open a play and see something that makes me feel like this: Here’s what you do that makes my heart sing as I’m reading the plays in my stack. Are these subjective? Sure.…

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How I staged my impossible-to-stage short play

I’ve written a series of short plays that are damn near unstageable. The dialogue is opaque to the point of meaninglessness, many roles would be impossible to cast (cats and kittens, anyone?), and the stage directions contain descriptions of action … Continue reading

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This is what schizophrenia *really* looks like

There’s this video that’s gone viral, and I can see why. It’s baffling, it’s disturbing, and I watched it several times. I found a transcription of this guy’s rant, and cleaned it up a little. I’ll post that below. But … Continue reading

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The power of a good thank-you note

I was a reader for the Inkwell Festival last year, and to celebrate finally completing the first round of reading 500+ plays (!), they forwarded us some of the thank-you notes they got from playwrights. These thank-you notes were wonderful: … Continue reading

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Don’t pay to submit your plays

The other day, I got involved in an argument on a LinkedIn group about fees for playwrights to submit their plays. I think that playwrights should not have to pay fees to submit their plays. Yes, I know that festivals … Continue reading

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