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Too much material? Some inspiration for you

Have you ever had too much story? You know, where you have so many ideas and so many great scenes, you have to cut your script because nobody does four-hour plays anymore? Or, maybe you actually have two plays, or … Continue reading

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When you don’t feel inspired, here are some editing tips

We all have those times when we feel uninspired.  Brain-dead.  Really tired and would rather just go (back) to bed. But we have so many demands on our time, we have to write when we can. Ack! So here are … Continue reading

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When to do the opposite of what people tell you

So. Here’s the thing. Sometimes, when people give you feedback about what you should do to your play, you can actually solve the problem in a different way. At rehearsal Monday evening, the first act seemed too long. I got … Continue reading

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