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Things Playwrights Do That I Love

Originally posted on Bitter Gertrude:
Sometimes I open a play and see something that makes me feel like this: Here’s what you do that makes my heart sing as I’m reading the plays in my stack. Are these subjective? Sure.…

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The power of a good thank-you note

I was a reader for the Inkwell Festival last year, and to celebrate finally completing the first round of reading 500+ plays (!), they forwarded us some of the thank-you notes they got from playwrights. These thank-you notes were wonderful: … Continue reading

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Don’t pay to submit your plays

The other day, I got involved in an argument on a LinkedIn group about fees for playwrights to submit their plays. I think that playwrights should not have to pay fees to submit their plays. Yes, I know that festivals … Continue reading

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Welcome, new followers

Welcome to Ciarán Myers and ToonForever! What are you working on these days? Everyone, check out their blogs: Ciarán blogs at ToonForever blogs at (http://

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Oops (was Getting Help with a Hard-to-Place Play)

I’ve posted before about trying to get a production of my play “How to Kill A Cactus.” I’ve had such a hard time identifying theaters that might like “Cactus,” I finally decided to ask for help on a couple of … Continue reading

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Thank you to my newest followers

Thank you to my newest followers! Please check out their blogs. Karen Barclay, at Emily, at cslplaywright, at What would you guys like to see on my blog?  Do you have any questions I can answer?

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How do you easily pick up where you left off with a play?

Coming Back after an Injury I developed a pinched nerve A couple of weeks ago, I developed horrible pain in my left leg from a pinched nerve in my back. L5-S1, if you’re interested. I do not recommend it. For … Continue reading

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